Galaxy S20+ Service issue


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Sep 18, 2014
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I'm coming to you all in case someone else's had this happen.
Originally had gotten my husband an S20+ which was supposed to be unlocked.
AT&T gave me a new SIM card Verizon kept showing up on the main screen called Verizon they said it was not locked. Talked to Verizon for an hour. Could never get it to work so I had to send it back.

Ended up buying a phone off eBay that is supposed to be AT&T-specific. However, When I put SIM card last night it recognizes that it was the number it keeps telling me that there is no service.

So it has the little symbol of no thank you.
Called AT&T and messed with them for probably a good 45 minutes. They could not get it to show that it had service.

So before I go to AT&T again to the actual store and get another new SIM card, has anyone had this happen before and if so can you give me any ideas of what I can do before I either throw the phone or send it back and just give up?

Thank you

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B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Just to clarify -- you're saying that with this more recent AT&T phone from eBay, when you insert the AT&T SIM card, the phone identifies the correct number, but says there's no service?

When you got the phone, did you go through the whole Setup Wizard upon the first boot, or did it already boot to the homescreen immediately? If the latter, then do a full factory reset and try setting it up again.

Also make sure the phone isn't blacklisted. Go to on the web and enter the phone's IMEI. Buying a phone on eBay can be a bit of a crapshoot -- you never know how legit some of these sellers are.

Or, it could be a fake/knockoff S20, which is another risk of buying from eBay. The IMEI checker might help with that as well, since knockoff phone makers steal valid IMEI numbers from other phones. I the IMEI checker shows the phone details as belonging to a different kind of phone, then that would be your answer.

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