Galaxy S3 Docking Issue


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Mar 5, 2014
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Hi guy,
I'm new on this forum so hello everyone.
I have the iBolt dock, which comes with a Micro-USB to USB/AUX cable, so audio out through USB while charging, and it worked great until a couple of months ago when it started disconnecting and reconnecting. I returned the dock and just picked up a new one, but the exact same issue. I can't remember if I had the issue before I updated, but I currently run 4.3 unrooted.

When I plug in the cable, it will start up docking mode and start charging, and then after 3-4 seconds disconnect, 3-4 seconds later reconnect, and it will repeat this infinetely. Audio out works through USB for the 2-3 seconds it is actually activated, and it seems to be detecting the cable. I had the issue before I updated to 4.3, that's when I unrooted my phone and updated, but still have the issue even with a new dock, and it's getting pretty frustrating now. I have no problems charging otherwise, so it should not be a connection issue. I even took a needle and took out dust/dirt and whatever was hiding in the micro-usb connection, and the cable isn't loose or anything either.

Does anyone have any similar issues and/or fix for me? Thanks in advance! :)