Galaxy S3 - POWERY 4200mAh Battery Performance


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Aug 3, 2013
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Hi there, fellow Android lovers!

I'd like to know if my upgraded battery really does the job as it should, or if there is something suspicious about it.So, I've bought a 4200mAh battery for my 32GB Galaxy S3 and it seems to keep the
juice pretty well, but i'm not sure so i'm willing to ask you guys if everything seems fine.There are some things I need to mention first, like my settings during the test or so.Here you go:

Screen Brightness - Maximum
Power Saving - Off
Auto Adjust Screen Tone(saves battery) - Off
Bluetooth - On
WiFi - On
Haptic Feedback - On
Screen Mode - Dynamic

Well, these are the settings that usually kills the juice a lot faster.I also had some apps that kept running in the background for the whole duration: Skype and Messenger.They usually keep updating
themselves(like who goes offline/online).I also did some texting, voice calls through Skype, video calls.I've uploaded some pics of my battery usage.Thank you guys for taking your time and sorry for my English.


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Mar 13, 2014
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I just got the Hyperion battery 4200. I have done one full drain and full charge. I don't see that much of a change in the time I get. Maybe a few extra hours.

My question is does the battery get better after the 5 cycles of drain and refill.

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Jan 30, 2011
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I don't see that much of a change in the time I get. Maybe a few extra hours.
I don't see how that could be - that's double the capacity of the stock battery. Can you post the three screenshots from the Battery view (main; Screen; History details)? Be sure to start with a full charge and let it drop below 30% before capturing your data.

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