Galaxy S4: broken screen (black) and trying to pull of photos

Erica Berry

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Mar 8, 2014
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I have an internal crack on my galaxy s4. I need to pull off about 100 photo and videos that are very precious to me. When i plug it in to my computer it recognizes that its plugged in but when double clicking it nothing shows. I have downloaded multiple recovery programs but because I cant unlock the device from the device it wont recognize. And having to select mass usb storage. I did get my replacement but I am not willing to swap out the motherboards and try that route. My deductible for my insurance was 200 so thats why I'm hesistant. Anyone have any ideas that would work. Or solutions. Any advice. I have to return within 10 days so I have some time.
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Nov 29, 2013
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Re: s4 broken screen (black) and trying to pull of photos

If your USB debugging was on, you can set up Android SDK on your computer and simply use adb commands to pull the files from your phone to your computer.
After setting up Android SDK, go to AndroidSDK/Platform tools and open up a CMD window there (shift + right click in the folder): in the CMD window type adb devices (after plugging in your device ofc) to see if it has been detected. If it does say a device is attached, you can simply use the following commands to copy the files to your computer
adb pull /mnt/sdcard \mysdcard
Check your C drive it should have a folder containing mysdcard.
If that doesn't work you can use
adb pull/ to extract all the data from your phone to your computer.

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