Galaxy S5 Says Application Not Installed, When Widget Is Still Present?

Soul Pixels

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Jul 27, 2015
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Galaxy S5 Says "Application Not Installed", When Widget Is Still Present

Ok. So heres the whole story. I get a message on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S5) telling me that my phone had barely any space left on the device storage, and said i had to delete some things to make room. I start deleting some apps. I disabled the "Verizon Accessories" preinstalled bloatware, and then most every app on my SD card vanished. The Widget is still on my home screen, but it just has a little Android icon next to it, and shows an SD card in the bottom right corner. I checked to see if it was installed on my SD card and if i could just move it back to my device storage (that yes it had enough room at this point) but it shows that its there in my application manager, but when i try and move it, it says "Unable To Move App. App doesn't exist". When i tap the widget, it says "application not installed", and directs me to reinstall the application. Now, my main issue is that my notes app (Colornote) is now gone, and it had my whole life in it, but when it directs me to the app store to reinstall it i don't want to in fear ill loose the data that *should* still be sitting on my phone. Is there a way to recover my Colornote app information? is it just as easy as reinstalling the app? i would GREATLY appreciate any help. THANKS!!!!