AT&T Galaxy S8 Galaxy S8 crashed and now will not turn on with a constant ticking sound coming from the inside.

Connor Hall

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Jul 30, 2018
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Hi there, My phone has always acted a bit weird but it was always usable. For a little background the phone would frequently claim there was moisture detected in the port despite not being near water. I figured I had some malfunctioning sensor so I would just restart my phone after plugging in my charger to get around the warning after checking for any actual moisture in the port. This morning I was driving and plugged my phone into my official Samsung car charger and the familiar message of "Moisture detected" was displayed, but before I had a chance to really do anything the phone forcibly shutdown. No standard Samsung, shutting down screen just cut to black. confused I checked the port and the charger for any damage or liquid but could not find any. The phone would not respond to any input and sat there as an over-glorified paper weight for the rest of my drive.

Around three hours later when I returned home I sat it on the wireless charging station since that typically never fails to give my device a good charge, the chargers led turned on however the device still remained disabled. No charging LED, no vibration letting one know that a power source is detected. I did every source of power troubleshooting I could with the physical buttons: holding the power button for upwards of 30 seconds. holding power and volume down/up. power, volume up/down, and Bixby buttons all of which had no response. It was at this point I noticed a faint ticking sound coming from inside the middle of the phone right behind the screen. It reminds of the sound of an old mechanical hard drive. I thought to myself that maybe the device is stuck in some soft lock state and took it off the charger to try and let the battery fully deplete. It has now been almost 12 hours later and the device is still nothing more than a ticking paperweight.

Searching online has brought no discernible solution and all seems to repeat the same responses: "hold the power button (does nothing), boot into safemode (which I can't do), and all the other standard troubleshooting" Has anyone heard of this type of situation before? The ticking sounds to be around 600 bpm if that helps determine which part is producing the sound. Thanks in advance!

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! It sounds like some major hardware failure (which, in retrospect, the constant "Moisture Detected" messages were probably a symptom of -- not necessarily because of true moisture exposure). Is the phone still under warranty?

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