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Deciding whether this is a smartwatch for me, I cannot find consistent information of how the watch can do when away from phone. Please note I never had any smartwatch, so some questions may be basic.

1) For apps that exist for the watch (like e.g. email client), will the watch get updated content through wifi even when away from the watch?

2) Which messaging apps exist for installation on the watch? Facebook, instagram, whatsapp, skype, etc? I am wondering if any of these would work in the watch through wifi as opposed to just receiving notifications from the phone

3) Spotify is it available for streaming through Wifi away from the phone? Does it require a premium subscription or does it work with the free subscription as well (without local download of content)?

4) Are these apps usually not available for watches, or is it just Tizen, while on Wear OS they exist?

Thanks in advance!