[GAME] [4.4+] Hidden Objects - Seek and Find

Oct 29, 2016
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Calling all eagle-eyed fans of Hidden Object Games! The incredible seek and find games are about to begin! Play Around the world 2, the stunningly beautiful Hidden Object Adventure Game set. During the game you have to "go round" the whole world and meet amazing interiors of different countries. If you love Hidden Object Games, Around the world 2 is the adventure you've been waiting for.

Your adventure begins here! Play this game to find hidden objects and to match objects to their silhouettes. This adventure game goes beyond other mystery hidden object games.

Why you’ll love Around the world 2 - seek and find objects adventure game:
- different countries and parts of the world;
- possibility to zoom the picture;
- 2 difficulty levels (search by picture and by silhouette);
- hints;
- pleasant music;
- each level must be completed in the limited time, otherwise you'll have to start over;
- find the object, pass the current level to unlock the next.

Finding games has never been so fun! You will seek and find objects hidden on picturesque locations. You will play a variety of unique search. These riddles will tease your brain for all it’s worth.

Around the world 2 is free seek and find games. Collection of hidden object mystery games with hundreds of locations to explore. Start the game and become the greatest detective who will find all hidden objects. You will experience the most thrilling hidden object games, so come along!

Download hidden objects games free and set out on an unforgettable journey! Hidden objects finding games are a great way to relax and train your mind.
Start hunting for hidden objects! Prepare for a great hidden object journey! On each level you'll have to find out hidden objects and solve a puzzle quest: seek and find highlighted items and complete hidden object challenges. Each level is a new location in various countries. Enjoy the atmosphere of the hidden object photo puzzle game thanks to the highly detailed awesome graphics!

In the Hidden Object adventure puzzle seek and find game you’ll have different hidden objects to find. Be careful, hidden objects can be anywhere, keep an eye out! Find all missing items and complete all the hidden object quests.

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pollux.hidden_objects_2_full

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