[game] Frederic - Resurrection of Music announced


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Sep 13, 2011
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There is a new game called Frederic ? Resurrection of Music under development.

Main point of the game is the story of Frederic Chopin who was resurrected by a
mysterious character and has to fight in musical duels against pretenders to the title of the best musician ever.
The game has neat cartoon graphics, quite an original gameplay and an interesting story.

Here is link to YT video with intro of the game and some gameplay. What do you think about it?

Description copied from YouTube:

Brought back from the beyond, Fr?d?ric Chopin, one of the greatest classical composers of all time, faces complexities of modern life. He has no idea whatsoever neither about mysterious individual that brought him back to live, nor the purpose behind his actions. All that he knows is that suddenly a bizarre character descends from the sky and challenges him to a musical duel?

The game will feature:
? nine beautiful locations from around the world
? nine catchy remixes of Chopin's masterpieces, each in a different style inspired by modern music
? a wall to compare your results with players worldwide
? a humorous animated comic presenting Chopin's actions in modern world
? many types of musical attacks performed in duels
? absorbing gameplay
? tons of original humor

Game will be available for Android devices in the begining of 2012

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