game notification issues uninstall and reinstall notification categories app no notfications


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Apr 28, 2011
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i got a problem on 1 of my game notifications and i don't know what to do i always sometimes in afternoons and at night get notify on phone and inside game launcher wizard of oz match 3 game

somehow i guess started past friday i wasn't getting notify in afternoon so i restarted my phone on 3rd then i had to update june software update on 6th

i uninstall and reinstall app thurs night now the funny thing is when i go to my app drawer click on wizard of oz game notifications under notification categories its now saying this app hasn't sent you notifications i been play it since yesterday and friday

still nothing i don't know if i did something app maybe i shouldn't had uninstall and reinstall back

if i don't get notify by mon i guess i'll have to uninstall it forever i have it in zynga support in app 24 hours thing

tell me something when you install a game either old or new does it take few days until app send you notifications or does it app automatically have notification categories off the bat

i know they used to be 2 notifications categories from game before i uninstall and reinstall back i don't know what to do perhaps i should had clear data i'm pretty much screwed

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