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Gear VR Champion Intro


VR Expert
Sep 15, 2011
Hello, everyone. I've been the Gear VR Champion over at VR Heads. That means I have one, and can answer questions about it. I don't know absolutely everything, but I will do my best to either find the answer or point you to where the answer might be.

I've also used the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and (briefly) the Playstation VR. I have yet to use Daydream; I don't have a headset or controller for that, despite having an S8, which is Daydream ready.

I use my Gear VR primarily for a few games (Wands from Cortopia is one of my favorites) and the occasional video watching or internet browsing. I do like to test apps in addition to the main games I play, so I've tried quite a few. I also dabble in learning to develop for the Gear VR (and by extension, other VR headsets).

Feel free to introduce yourselves also. What do you use your Gear VR for?


Q&A Team Leader, VR Expert
Jun 8, 2010
I have a Gear VR too, BUT no Samsung phone at the moment, BUT I'll get one again eventually! lol