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Feb 20, 2012
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Hi There,

I hope this isn't really poor forum etiquette, as I've already posted this in XDA, but I'd really like to share my experience to prevent others from going through the same.

I'd like to share my experience buying an iMito QX1 from - not for the sake of flaming, but really to help fellow community members avoid lost money and unnecessary heartache.

I purchased the item in June - and have yet to see a refund for a defective product.

It took forever to arrive - and upon arrival was basically DOA. It worked very briefly, in which time I couldn't find sufficient information online to try and flash the new firmware to get it to work properly (the Geekbuying forum information is very minimal, to say the least, and the response rate is very slow), and upon pulling out to try and refresh and reconnect, it stopped working entirely. I connected it to numerous tvs and devices, to no avail - signal has been lost.

This is a known issue that many people have posted about - and have completely ignored. See these threads:

After reaching out to Geekbuying and explaining everything - and everything we tried technically - they initially were willing (supposedly) to provide a refund or alternate device (we asked for a refund), and asked us to fill out forms that they never provided us with, and since then have been stalling, evading, and unhelpful.

Below is the chat I had with their operator today, where they once again have evaded and chosen to be unhelpful:

Please wait for a site operator to respond...
If you do not want to wait, please click here to leave us a message.
Operator Moni has joined the chat.

10:31:43 AM
10:32:28 AM
Any one there?
10:34:02 AM
Moni10:35:08 AM
10:35:08 AM
10:35:39 AM
What can I do for you?
tzvika10:38:29 AM
its about a product I purchased from you
10:38:44 AM
10:39:55 AM
The item received was defective - and we've been in back and forth with your customer service (or lack thereof) for some time now - and we would like this resolved immediately
10:39:59 AM
we want a refund
10:42:55 AM
Moni10:46:32 AM
10:46:33 AM
10:46:51 AM
how do you want to solve it?
tzvika10:47:42 AM
I want you to give me all the details on how and where to send it back and when I will see my refund
10:57:50 AM
Why are you not answering?!
10:58:10 AM
I cant spend my whole day here and you never reply to emails. This is the worst customer service ever.
10:58:51 AM
Listen we have done everything we have been told and the item doesn't work.
10:59:00 AM
I will be sure to post about this in all of the forums that I've been a member of
10:59:17 AM
XDA, Android Central, Phandroid, Modaco and more
Moni10:59:22 AM
i will reply you later by email
tzvika10:59:22 AM
this is unacceptable
11:00:07 AM
This is what you said the last time a month ago!!!! and the item is still not working and I got no refund.
11:00:18 AM
I want to know now what you will do
11:00:40 AM
last email I sent you was a week ago and you still did not reply!!!
11:00:54 AM
why do you think I believe you when you say you will reply by email??
11:01:25 AM
I just want to send it back, get my money back and forget about this whole thing.
Operator Moni has left the chat.
The chat is ended.

I am sharing my experience, in order to ensure others don't go through the same, and to share my experience purchasing the iMito QX1 - which on paper is supposed to be an awesome device, but falls short in execution.

Good luck.


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Feb 20, 2012
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The email we were promised obviously never arrived.

We have resigned ourselves to the fact that we will likely not be seeing our money back. For all future buyers - Paypal ONLY.

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