Getting mixed messages while trying to check for root


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Dec 1, 2010
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Hey fellow Droids. After an hour searching Google, I came across z4root 1.3, which said it could one-click root my Acclaim. So I sideloaded it and let it do its permanent root magic. It rebooted with a Superuser app installed, so I assumed it was rooted. I downloaded a terminal emulator app to check this (I looked it up on Google, it said that if you type in su and get #, you're golden) and it gave me an access denied code.

Uhm... ok? I don't know for sure if I have root access. There's still a permanent root and unroot button on my z4root interface, should I try hitting those again?

(Sorry if this is in the wrong area, I don't know exactly where this would go.)
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