gmail not push when in unified inbox?


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Nov 4, 2009
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So some of the reviews (previews) said that gmail was still separate from the "email" app. However you can add your gmail accounts to that section if you want to have all of your email in a unified section.

My question is does your gmail still push if it's in the "email" as opposed to the "gmail" app? When I looked at the settings for these accounts it had an option for how often you want to Poll...

Also, my phone was in the dock on wifi all night and I received 0 emails (which is a first). Then I checked one of my gmails online and I had 3 emails (which were sent at varying times last night). Soon after the droid received them.

So was this because it was on wifi? or some other issue? Or was this because they were in the "email" section?