Go Keyboard Emoticon Issues


Jul 11, 2011
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I have the Motorola Triumph (Froyo) and downloaded the Go Keyboard, the Emoticon add-in for the key board, GO SMS Text messaging as well as the standalone GO Emoji.

When I send a text from GO SMS Pro and try to insert an emoticon from the keyboard (I push that little arrow button thing towards the top left of the key board) the emoticon screen does show up below the keyboard but then on the text screen it shows up as a rectangle.

I have to "back out" of the keyboard to just the GO SMS default message screen and then click on the emoticon ICON at the bottom of that screen for the emoji/emoticon to show up correctly.

I know I am probably missing a simple setting adjustment, but any recommendations on how I can input the emoticon from the GO Keyboard to where it shows up correctly on the text would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!