Google Contacts - Backup from Windows PC.


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Apr 14, 2014
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The Export facility on the Win PC version of Google Contacts states... "vCard format (for importing into Apple Address Book or another application)".
Can anyone confirm that the resulting VCF file can be used to re-import into the same Win PC version and as such acts as a full backup of all Contact details?
I experienced a bad Sync Error between my phone and my Google account. The end result was that my Contacts were very badly corrupted at both ends. Multiple missing contacts, multiple duplicates and multiple nonconformities between phone and Google. My only option was to attempt a total recovery.
I had a Windows backup in the form of a Google.CSV file (which I used for importing into another application). Also a full backup on the phone (contacts.VCF). However, I see a serious problem...
The Google.CSV file does not allow for recovery of contact photos (I have a photo for every one of several hundred contacts). The Phone backup will recover photos but not custom phone, email and website labels. Almost all my contacts have custom labels, example...
John's Mobile nnnn...
Jack's Mobile nnnn...
Jill's Mobile nnnn...
Google CSV on the PC recovers these labels properly, the Phone restore changes these to Mobile, Other, Work etc. Since these custom labels are valuable to me I have recovered via Google on the PC and have lost all my photos. It took some considerable manual effort to fix this. I am now backing up on the PC with the VCF format and would like to be assured that this recovers exactly as I want it... Photos, Custom Labels and all else.

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