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Google drive keep uploading resulted in data loss

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I had problem with uploading data from my device storage to Google drive after I received confirmation that the data transfer done then I save it keeps uploading for few days data size less than 800 mb when I followed previous recommended advice given for similar case uploading message disappeared but l lost the data which already deleted from my device how I can recover it my device is Hawaii GT3


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Feb 12, 2012
That depends on the type of data. If it's a file, you have to root the phone, install a deleted file recovery app (and hope doing those things doesn't overwrite the deleted file), then let the app discover all your deleted files and restore the one you want.

If it's in a database, you need a SQLite editor app, and you have to learn SQL (it's a programming language for databases). then you have to find the right file, figure out which field is the active/deleted field, and what marks the difference, find all the deleted data you want to restore and write a query to restore it.

Basically, if you're asking, you can't. Next time, make sure that your backup is good before deleting the original. (Measure twice, cut once applies to computers too.)

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