google maps update bad directions


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Feb 2, 2011
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anyone notice the new google maps update that happened about a week ago is a bit messed up in the directions department?

Iv never had an issue before with this. I had a bit of a clue where I was going but if I didnt the nav would have gotten me into a lot of trouble!

It tried to have my "turn left on to 22 west" you cant turn left on to 22 west. you have to take a round about to the on ramp. turning left would put you into oncoming traffic. its told methe correct directions here before but not after the update.

then 5 miles down the road told me to "turn left on to rock ave" you cant turn left on 22..its a high way all exits are from the right and again would have me turning into oncoming traffic.... anyone else having issues like this? its the first time google maps/nav has directed me wrongly. I reported the directions as incorrect after the fact but its just really weird to me.


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Jun 8, 2010
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I haven't experienced any problems with the directions. With one of the recent updates, I was repeatedly getting forced closes though. I ended up uninstalling the update and then reinstalling the update which seems to have fixed the problem.