Google Photos - ordering albums


Aug 30, 2012
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So in the new version of Google Photos, you can't edit the order of pictures in the album. This renders it unusable for me, since I want to be able to display the photos in a manual order. Manually playing with the EXIF data is too much work for a lot of photos.

I understand that I can reorder them in the old Google+ Photos interface, at least for the time being. But it still fails because if I generate a shareable link for the album in Google Photos and someone uses it, they see the photos in chronological order instead of the order I put them in! This happens both with new albums and with the 10 years of travel albums I have - meaning I don't know how to share those with someone now.

Is anyone else having this problem? I've seen almost no discussion about it, which I don't understand because it's a deal-breaker for me. Am I just understanding something incorrectly? Do people not need to order the photos in their albums? Thanks for any thoughts.