Google Pixel Stand (Gen 1 and 2) - Home Control for Nest thermostat issues


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Jul 26, 2023
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So I have both an original Pixel stand as well as a Gen 2 (one upstairs and one downstairs) that I used with my Pixel 7 Pro.

I just turned on the Home control so that I can touch my phone while on the stand to adjust my thermostat without having to unlock or remove my phone from the stand - sounds great in theory. Here is my actual experience with both:

Pixel Stand - I selected the Nest Thermostat as the only device I wanted to use with Home Control. When my Pixel 7 Pro is on the Stand and i touch the screen, I do see the Home Control icon for the thermostat - but it doesn't show the actual temperature only the name of the thermostat (which is Upstairs). When I press on the widget, the only option it gives me is "choose a mode" and I can select from heating, cooling or off. Is this the intended user experience? I only swap from heating to cooling twice a year. What I was hoping for is the ability to see what the current temperature is and to adjust it. See pictures.

Pixel Stand Gen 2 I was hoping for a better experience as this is the one in my bedroom, but when I go separately into the Pixel Stand 2 Home Control and then attempt to add my bedroom thermostat by selecting the checkbox next to it and hitting the "Turn On" button (same process I followed to successfully add my upstairs thermostat to my Gen 1 Stand) - it doesn't actually add it. I go back into the settings and nothing is checked. Tried re-adding it and then hitting the Turn On button again and same thing. So I can't even get a widget to display on my Gen 2. Complete fail on Google's part or am I doing something wrong?

Screenshot_20230726-090521.pngScreenshot_20230726-090527.pngAnyone else experienced either of these and find a fix?


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Jan 17, 2015
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Personally, I find the home app very basic. The only reason I actually use it is because of the nest audio speakers I have scattered around the house. It's needed to setup and control them, otherwise I find the app pretty much useless

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