Google Play Music out of skips.


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Jul 2, 2013
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I use two music players with Android Auto running on my LG V10 in my 2016 Honda Accord. The first, MD Player, I use to play my songs in alphabetical order as I find this gives me greater variety than using a shuffle mode in any player, MD Player included.

The second player is Google Play Music and I use this when I want to play a specific song. I use both because I'd lose my place in the alphabetical list if I used one player for both functions.

Anyway, when I get into my car and connect my phone, if I press the voice button and say "Play Van Halen", Google Play Music comes up, says it's finding my selection and then displays "out of skips" on the screen. It then starts playing the track that I had played the last time I asked it to play something. If I then push the voice button again and say "play Van Halen" it will go ahead and do so properly. This cycle repeats every time I connect my phone. I figure it's related to the fact that I'm not a Google Music subscriber. I'm only playing music files I have stored locally on my phone. I went into settings of Google Play Music on my phone and selected "Downloaded only" but that hasn't made a difference.

Has anyone else experienced this?


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Sep 29, 2010
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I get that message too. I too only play local music with Google play music and am in "download only" mode. I just ignore it since it goes away after the first song starts playing. It is a little annoying that it's there at all, so I'm curious to see if there is a solution.


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Jul 20, 2010
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There needs to be a solution. I shouldn't have to pay Google just to play my own music! Google has really had some problems lately. Issues like this one and Google Now widget no longer displaying cards show me that there is a real lack in software programming skills over there. If they want Apple to win the battle, this is the way to do it.

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