Got my LG to move stuff to SD card storage!!!


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Apr 25, 2015
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I don't know if this holds for all LG phones.
I have the LGL39C Dynamic 2.
I had a bunch of music I downloaded.
Then I couldn't update anything because there wasn't room.
So I used Settings/Apps to move it to the SD card, but I still couldn't update anything.
Then I noticed that it actually moved to something called "USB storage". In researching, it turns out that this is internal storage that the phone designates (for some unfathomable reason) as external storage, and the phone thinks its the SD card.

After a bunch of research about rooting and partitions, I just decided to call LG.

Turns out, you have to move the files via the file manager. And you have to remember that what it calls "sdcard0" is NOT the SD card. The SD card is listed there as "external_SD".
It doesn't seem to matter where your data is in the settings/app part (phone or USB storage). It is all in "sdcard0" in the file manager until you move it to "external SD".
And you won't see any change in what the settings/app says after you move it either.
Where you will see the change is in settings/storage.
I was able to move everything but "Android" and "DCMI".

And it definitely moved it for me, because now I can update everything no problem.

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Yes, that's a peculiarity of older Android versions--see this article for more info:

Were you trying to move the actual app to SD, or just files? The "Move to SD" function for an app moves a portion of that app to the Internal SD (which is that partition of the onboard Internal Storage that acts like a nonremovable SD card). This helps to free up some space in the main App Storage partition, while still allowing you to use the app. Be aware that if you move app files or data manually using a file manager, it might actually break the app, because it won't know where to look.