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Mar 13, 2010
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Hello Everyone on the Android Central forums!

Considering I've been registered for a day or two, and I also made a few posts already, I think it's high time I stopped by to introduce myself.

So what can I tell you? Well, I'm actually just an average twenty-something guy in most aspects, except I'm from the faraway land of Hungary! OooOOooOOooo... (insert lightning cracks and other assorted dramatic imagery) Really, are there any other Hungarians here? At all? Send me a PM if you feel like.

I'm an IT engineering student with an interest in embedded systems and mobile devices, so I was really excited to get my hands on an android phone. To that end, I am a proud owner of a GSM Hero, and I've been loving it since day one. Currently I'm waiting for the official 2.1 update, but if HTC keeps me waiting much longer, I might just begin looking at custom ROMs. Incidentally, if someone could point me at some good reading material about flashing and available custom Hero ROMs, I'd be grateful!

I don't know what else to say, so feel free to ask questions if you want to! Worst thing that can happen is that I don't answer.

Here's hoping to getting along with you guys!

Zsolt - Foxman

P.s.: I looked carefully, but if I missed the introductions thread, feel free to relocate this and give me a virtual whack on the head. :)

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