GS5/Lollipop Bluetooth Problems! [Honda Civic 2013]


Jan 28, 2014
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My GS5 never gave me trouble with Bluetooth. I use my fiancee's Bose speakers and I used to use my HimBox in my old car.

However, my old car was totaled when it was crushed by a tree. I just bought a 2013 Honda Civic, and my Bluetooth keeps disconnecting and reconnect about every thirty seconds.

I tried everything, and it seems like it is fixed for one car ride, then the problems start again. This includes smart mode, and deleting all my downloaded apps; clearing the cache partition; going through all my phone, music and bluetooth settings; trying BLE Crash Resolver (which seems to prevent about 1-in-20 crashes); unpairing and re-pairing the phone (and making sure I select allow and "do not show again" on all the pop-ups on my phone); etc.

The only thing I've found that works was going into the Bluetooth settings and turning off the option to send call audio to the car. So the problem is not streaming music, but keeping the actual cellphone component connected to my car via Bluetooth. If I leave the option on to send call audio via bluetooth and turn off media audio, I still have the problem with the phone disconnecting and reconnecting.

Honda has given me the run around, so I'm making this thread as a last option before going back to the dealer and giving them an earful. They promised my phone would work with the car - I bought the GS5 solely for the ability to use a 128GB SD card for my music collection, and I purposefully bought a car with Bluetooth audio so I could stream my music.

Any solutions? Is there is a setting for phone calls, in the car or GS5, that would keep the phone from connecting and disconnecting?

PS - I know you can use a USB Thumbdrive. I bought a $40, 128GB Sandisk USB 3.0 and uploaded my music collection onto it. About 1/3 of the songs must be the wrong format, so that is still more of a PITA than just using my phone to stream music via Bluetooth. And this doesn't fix my ability to use my car's Bluetooth to take phone calls.

Please help!

PS - I just tried re-pairing the phone with the car and denying the car access to my contacts and messages (and I clicked "do not show again"). In the short period I was in my car, bluetooth did not disconnect. If this continues to work, I might re-pair the bluetooth again and only deny access to my contacts: I'm beginning to think my huge list of contacts (including some with no phone numbers and others with phones numbers plus Facebook, email, etc) is causing the hiccuping. If I can get my phone calls (even without contact info), text messages and music to work, I think I'd be satisfied.
- ok, re-paired and denied access to contacts, but allowed access to messages. This also seems to work without crashing (disconnecting) Bluetooth after a 20 minute drive (during which I turned the car on and off a few times to interrupt the connection between my phone and car). So maybe the issue is isolated to contact?

EDIT for followup info:
Denying access to contacts largely fixed the problem - only occasional disconnects. However, I was on a road trip and GPS caused some hiccups. On my drive home, the disconnecting/reconnecting started to happen again. Restarting my phone fixed the issue. However, Honda finally called me back and said this problem is a (somewhat) known issue with the way new versions of Android communicate contact information via Bluetooth, and an app called Bluetooth Phonebook ($2) fixes the issue. I downloaded the app and so far it seems to work.
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