Hard Bricked kindle fire hd 7


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Jan 15, 2012
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used factory cable to recover my kindle fire hd 7" from red screen?
Plugged in cable connected to pc and kindle screen displayed fastboot..all well so far..
Then I used this programme KFFirstAide and used
option 3. Completly Restore the KFHD 7 7.2.3 (Fastboot)
pressed return on pc then programme started then said rebooting kindle, kindle screen went black (no fastboot logo anymore) and it stayed black left it for ages and it did not come on again, eventually I removed kindle fire hd 7 from pc and tried to swith on but nothing happened I tried to connect it to pc again with fastboot cable and nothing happened pc did not recognise it,tried the same with cable that came with kindle and nothing happened. Have tried with no cables connected and nothing. have tried holding power button for 20 seconds then push power button again for 2 seconds but nothing happens still black screen...:(
Any way to recover this
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