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Feb 15, 2012
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are we posting about just phones hardware or Desktop PC Hardware?

If so I am going to add the following discussion:
Im building a new PC. Here are the parts:
CPU: Intel core i5 4590
RAM: Gskill 16GB 2x8GB Kit
HDD: (To be determined Might add SSD)
PSU: Antec High current 850 Watt Power Supply
GPU: This: ZOTAC ZT-90101-10P GeForce GTX 970 4GB 256-Bit DDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support G-SYNC Support Video Card
Optical drive: im carrying my blu ray drive from my current PC.
Case: To be determined
Motherboard: To be determined.....

So, what do you think of my build so far?
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Feb 12, 2012
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RAM: depends on the timing specs. Any given manufacturer makes RAM from great to slow as a snail. For a 4590, try to get something in the lower numbers for timing. Corsair and Crucial still make good RAM and a wide assortment of timing. Gskill's 9-9-9-24 isn't bad. Corsair has 8X1 at 7-8-8-24, which might give you a little speed boost. Read some latency comparisons online before you decide.

Drive. Small SSD for the OS and (I assume Windows) the registry. SSDs don't last as long as magnetic drives. For the magnetic drive, Seagate. (Ever hear of a company paying to get back your drive, fix it, keep an image and mail it back to you, just because they had a typo in the drive's BIOS and if you didn't want to take the board apart to reboot it yourself, they'd do it for you? [The image was so that if when they sent the drive back to you it got lost or damaged, they could replace it with another drive with your data all on it.] Seagate did it with one of their series. They caused the problem, so they immediately accepted full responsibility for fixing it. I've been using their drives since the Shugart 801 8" floppy drive [1977?] - and it's the only drive I'll buy. The MTBF is also a lot longer than they claim - and that's from running in a shop with a few thousand drives running 24/7.)

Otherwise, depending on the motherboard (if you'll get a lot better performance for another $50-$100, I say spend it. To future-proof it, make sure it'll take 32GB on-board.) it looks good.

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