Has anyone resolved Android phone dimming every 5 second issue?

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Im somewhat intelligent to phones and settings. "Auto brightness" is "off",,, "screen timeout" i have set it to all available options from "5 seconds" to "10 mins"! No change. The "smart stay" option, i tried both "on" & "off". The "lock screen time" tried all options available from "5 seconds" to "max", still dims. I have downloaded a "screen control app" to override the factory settings, STILL DIMMING!! I have "restarted", "rebooted", and did a "hard reset, restart" (meaning: my battery isn't removable so if the phone freezes or malfunctions u press and hold the power, volume up, volume down key for 10 secs. I have went into my app permissions and turned off any application that was able to change my phone settings, "drivemode", "waze app", "google maps" "etc. It is absolutely annoying. U cannot read anything or browse anything because the screen goes dim literally every 4-5 seconds, regardless what screen or app u are using. Phone is a lg stylo 4.


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Feb 5, 2018
A few things. 1st, Uninstall the screen control app.
When the screen dims, if you tap anywhere does it brighten again for 5 seconds?
What resolution are you set at, and are you using any option, such as adaptive or Cinema?
Does your phone os have a blue light filtering option?