Hate to be the new guy blasting Android but..


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Sep 11, 2011
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I cannot see WHY anybody would choose Android over iOS and the jailbreak community.
I've used android in it's early stages. My first Android phone was the Motorola DROID when I moved over from AT&T and the iPhone. The iPhone was obviously not yet a choice on VZW. From that, I went to a DROID X. While I was more impressed with the X than the OG, I hated the blur experience. FEB rolled around, and I was back home with a device that operated and worked flawlessly out of the box. Jailbroken, I had added some key applications like notifier and biteSMS. MyWi and a few others were big players. iOS still ran as if these programs were internal and factory installed native apps. Sure, it's got a smaller screen but had substantial build quality, excellent photo abilities and again, an OS that just works. With iOS5 coming around with some key factors for android, the whole "openness" argument is going to loose the race.. read on.

Fast forward to 9/8/2011 my iPhone was stolen from my desk at work.. who would have thought. (I work with "professionals")
A good friend offered me up a droid x2 for very-very cheap. I thought, SURE! Android has got to have gotten better in the last 8 months right? The DX2 has gingerbread and DUAL-CORE!

Boy - after activating i was quickly proven wrong. This phone is a DOG compared to my iPhone with last generation single-core A4. MotobLOAT quickly again turned me off and had me searching for a launcher in the market. I ended up with ADW and while it's not vanilla, it gives the appearance of it.

freezing, freezing, freezing. What are these OEM's doing? Leave the skins off of android. they are terrible.
My music player can't even play without skipping while taking out background tasks. (Don't tell me i've got a "dud" phone it's android)

Why isn't CM7 on this? Jeez, the hardware is actually decent. I'm sorry - I don't mean to offend,but I can't see the reasoning some choose android over an OS that works and when jailbroken has many - if not more possibilities. You don't even need to over clock an iOS device for speed.

None-the-less, I will continue to use the DX2 until i'm graced with a release of the iPhone 5 (OR, even, possibly, the Nexus Prime)

Disgusting skins OEM's....

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