Hello all!


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Feb 8, 2010
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Hey all, new to the forums, though I have had my Moto Droid since release day, so thought I would introduce myself!

I love my Droid, but it has a few quirks I was wondering if you guys could explain for me. Beyond that, its my first smart phone, so I am sure I will have a LOT of questions in the future, thanks in advance!

1) Recently, my music player has started turning off whenever I turn the screen off/power save mode, whatever you call it. This has never happened until recently, why is my music going off when the screen goes black?

2) I have apps to read PDF's and do office documents, but I can't seem to click a link from a website like Blackboard or others and just straight up download them. Do I have to download them to my PC and transfer them to the card? And if so, which folder in the SD card should I go with?

3) I have a difficult time sifting through hundreds of apps to find a quality one (I have most of the "top free" apps and a few of the paid. Anyone have any recommendations for things like widgets? I use GDE home, which is nice, though crashes a bit. I have already figured out how to use the ring tone apps and all of that, though I wonder how well wall papers look if I download them or use pictures. Is that done through the PC as well?

Thanks again!