Hello Android People! :)


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Feb 20, 2011
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Hello Android People! :)

^5 ...., on a cool Android related site.

I just wanted to say hello, and let you know how I got here, if anyone is interested. I came here on a search about information on the Xoom with Android 3 Honeycomb, after watching videos on Youtube about it and searching for it on Google search for more info, basically, where AndroidCentral came up for me to link up to.

So, far I have seen the Motorola Xoom and upcoming Toshiba slate as well, with the dual-core processor for power. They both really look great and I am gravitating to wait and buy one of them, rather than the IpodTouch4, which I have also considered;....um,, for my sister! I think web-streamed TV and Movies as well as games will be played more and more on these devices, so, I'd rather wait and use my old payed off Sony E Walkman mp3 music phone, 'til the Honeycomb slates/tabloids and tabloid phones come out. For myself, I considered buying the new Xperia arch, but, it's sportin' gingerbread, and I want 7 to 10 inches. I am also attracted like a moth to a bright incandecent light-bulb to the new sub-notebooks/netbooks like the mini-HP's, mini-Toshiba and eeePC with Nvidea 500mb graphics and atom dual core processsors that can run also full OS's like Win7, Ubuntu netbook, Kubuntu and jolicloud's 1.1 OS as a more netbook-tablet skin look and experience. I'd like to see Android 3 working on those as the Asus EeePC I am talking about has dual touch on it's pad, and wondering if that might work.

But, these new slates look so cool,..and they can fit in a person's backpack, side bag, pocketbook, ect or large coat pocket, I think they will really catch on in a viral way, and force Apple to make the Ipad better and more open, for instance, so one can bootcamp it with Android 3 in as they can with their PC's and notebooks. I don't see why they are so picky about if people ran their own copy of snowleopard on say that powerful little Asus netbook, regards the TOS, when they allow no problem that people run Win 7 on their hardware,seems kind of old hat to me.

It'll be interesting to see how USB3 will eventually be used more and more, and when the 8 to 14, and soon 16mp cameras will be standard, but, the Toshiba with 2mb front webcam and 5mb main camera and hdmi output looks very practical and promising of things to come down the road! ie Iphone7 about 2014-15(?) and Android 4 to 7,....

I will spend my time, here, mostly reading at first, after this mouthful of a rant intro of myself, and getting more knowledgeable before I post anything, except for thankyou clicks, as though, I am really interested in the devices, gadgets, apps, peripherals and how people use them and it is changing our lives and society and not changing things,..........I really feel to noob-ish, to say more... so, don't mind me if I am here mostly reading.

Thankyou, for the invite to register and learn.

~ StarSeven7 in Europe