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Nov 21, 2014
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My name is Jose Manuel Balbiani and im a racecar driver from Argentina. I no, probably you guys might think "what is he doing here?".

Well, about an year ago i was driving on a poor zone of buenos aires when i stopped on a red light. Lots of humble people and houses and i though (always related with cars as it is the only thing in my head). What if here around there is something i really would like to save, like an old racecar, chassis, motorbike... I read some books about and i thought, how cool would be to have a app in my mobile that tells me when im near some of my targets.

Arrived home, made a research and non of the apps i found were simple so i called a friend and told him the idea and he found it "ok". We started to find out Ebay helps and we finally creat NEARBAY... idea was to name it Nearby, but was taken, then Nearbuy, but was taken too, so Nearbay was the name and only works in US and UK

It is really simple with 3 screens. On the left, you set your targets and while you moving, if u near the target, app will send you an alert.... Of course, if your target is "mobile phone", there will be alerts every second, but if you go "Chevrolet Corvette 1957 V8 grey" maybe there isnt much.

In the main screen you have a navigation area where you can find everything you want on ebay on walking distance (1m) or vehicle (10m) from where you are so, if you go to a Levis Store, and the shirt you want is not there, maybe it is on ebay on walking distance from you.

It is really simple and with a minimum budget but i will appreciatte much if some android users test it for me to learn and improve it.

Thanks and stay in touch,


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