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Jul 20, 2017
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Hello everyone, I am 20 year plus IT guy. My first PDA pre-dates the Palm Pilot, and I remember when the goal for phones back then was the person with the smallest phone was the coolest in the group. Now today we are touching screens with fingers, and doing all kinds of stuff we used to need large computers for; it's quite insane how much has changed in the past 20 years.

Well I been through many phones before the days of smartphones and loved flip-phones for they always did what you wanted them to do, and I literally could type a paragraph and more in a text without looking down once. Now today I make so many mistakes typing on these things it's kind of ironic for they were supposed to make it easier.

Anyway, prior to me having my first iPhone which was the 5S for over 4-plus-years I swore of Droids. I hated them for in about 6 months or less they would get so slow much like a Windows computer and all I could think about is when will it be 2 years till we are due for an upgrade.

So how did I come back to it. Well towards the last few months I had the 5S I finally started to get the itch to upgrade. Don't get me wrong I really loved my 5S but it was over 4 years and between my fiance's phone going bad and us having them as long as we did I think an upgrade was due. So doing research I narrowed it down to the latest iPhone or the Samsung S8-plus.

Well after many months or looking, researching, sleeping on it, and so on I finally bought an iPhone 7S right after we had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in the Trumbull Mall. I was excited, and couldn't wait to get my music on it.

Then that day and the next we had phone calls and even calls between us. It sounded like the two people on the call were in a large empty room that sort of echos.

So naturally being an IT guy I take it upon myself to look up the issue; turns out I am not alone on this. So after reading this and that I called Apple and asked about their return policy and was told no matter what as long as they are not obviously damaged they are completely returnable within 14 days of the purchase which I later found 100% true.

So after making that phone call I didn't waste much time thinking about it; actually most of the time was spent working with with the awkward sales guy at the Danbury Verizon store near Stew Leonards. But when it was all said and done I left with a Samsung S8-Plus. Next day I helped my fiance get her phone but she didn't want the plus and of course bitched about it for before the iPhone she loved her droid and knew how to use it, but using an iPhone for 4-plus years she lost all that knowledge. I kept reminding her there will be a learning curve but this is the smart move even though Apple offered to replace the phones.

The reason I didn't go with replacing the iPhones was part of me wanted to go with the Samsung for I love their TV's and their phone screens are just as good if not better. Plus paying after all it was said and done $1009.00 for an iPhone, I expect the **** to be flawless and it was anything but that. I remember version 4 had that antenna issue resulting in constant drop calls, the 5S for me at least was flawless then I swap it out for this? No thanks!

So I bought what works, and works, well, and a lot more fun, and etc.

So while I did swear off Droids I am now returning back to them and after hating technology for so many years I finally feeling a love to learn more about the Droid world, stuff I can do, apps, and etc.

Prior to the droid there was a point in my career I just had it with computers and technology. To the point when I get home the only surfing I did was on my iPhone or IPad or whatever I was using at the time and also my Dell laptop which usually I mostly use doing my finances. Short of that I rather be playing my bass and guitar, riding my bike on trails, and going to the gym as well as my rowing machine in the garage.

So to conclude I am constantly learning new things, trying new things, and learning stuff as I go along.

I also heard so many great things about this site, and almost every single time I am trying to figure something out and Google it, keeps taking me to this place; so I figured why not just join the forum. So here I am.


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Dec 4, 2012
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Welcome to the forums. I remember my first PC. A Compaq presario, with 4 MB of RAM and a whopping 1 GB HDD My earliest memory of computers was the Apple 2e, and needing a 5.25" boot disk.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! I always appreciate it when members give us a real introduction and background like this.:) Hopefully your experience now with Android will be relatively smooth, and if there are problems, come by here and someone will try to lend a hand!

I have @Golfdriver97 beat -- I had an Apple ][+, and before that, I had a little-known personal crap-puter called the Interact One. 17 characters per line. Good for people with terrible vision, I guess.;)


Jul 14, 2011
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Hi There! Welcome to the AC Forums! Palm, huh? Yeah, I remember when they were THE item to have haha (I had a black and white one and I ended up hating it for how limited it was). Then BlackBerry reigned supreme (that's the one that actually got me addicted to smartphones). Nice to have you on board!


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Nov 21, 2012
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My first computer was a Coleco Adam. Yeah, that acursed piece of tape-drive driven junk. The motor from the printer, which you had to keep by the tape drive, degaussed all my tapes one day.

Good times.


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Jun 10, 2014
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I have no recollection of that early tech. I only started with phones a few years ago.
Anyways, welcome, and enjoy the forums. :)


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Mar 15, 2014
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Hey @uncaged74 ! Warm Welcome To AndroidCentral :D

That it quite a long introduction. Awesome to have you part of the forums! Im sure you will find many people here who have switched between Android and IOS. They both have their pros and cons. Hope to see you around the forums!


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Jul 20, 2017
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Thanks everyone. I hate short introductions, for IMHO you might as well not do an introduction if you aren't going to do it properly. In short, I am all about go big or go home!


Oct 8, 2012
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Hello and welcome to the forums at Android Central!

I also remember when the guy with the smallest cellphone was the coolest. Good times, good times...

Talking about Palm, my beloved Palm Prē is the one that got me into the new generation of smartphones.
I still have it and all the extra stuff I got for it...

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