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Aug 31, 2011
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Hi everyone,

I am still pretty new to the android world, I was a long time iPhone user, but since gave it up to try out something that I felt suited me better. I am not here to put down i OS at all, my wife loves her iPhone4 and it's great, just not my thing anymore. I have always been more on the PC side of things, so I wanted to have something that was more along those lines.

I currently have a HTC Thunderbolt and I do enjoy the phone and it's abilities a lot. The battery sucks, but you all know that. I just got the extended battery today, so *fingers crossed* it will last longer for me. I just don't want to wake up to a dead phone every morning like I would before.

I look forward to learning more here and I am sure I will have lots of questions for folks. I am in the market for tablet now, so waiting to see what Google and Amazon are going to bring to the table. I am also considering GoogleTv. I want to get a blue ray player, so I have been curious about the Sony model.

Anyway, hello, and I look forward to reading and learning more here.

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