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Oct 11, 2009
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Does wireless charging have a negative effect on battery life? vs hard wire?
Is that or price a factor in utilization?

Yes it has an effect. So does quick charging.

The power that a charger outputs isn't the same as the power that's sent to the battery. Converters and regulators are needed to adjust voltage and current and those waste electricity in the form of heat. Heat during charging decreases the amount of times a battery will be able to charge over 80% (the general threshold before you need to replace a battery). Wireless charging does this and produces it's own extra heat from the field it generates.

It's enough to make a measurable difference, but we're probably talking hours/days of difference in the battery lifespan and not months or years difference.

I would use wireless charging because I'll take the convenience and live with the small decrease in lifespan it causes.

Hello, Jerry..

Scrambled Quail or duck eggs with a nice red wine?

Duck eggs are too rich for me and give me indigestion or heartburn. Or both at the same time.

I like quail, but never tried quail eggs.

Wine is what my wife makes us drink with a good dinner. I like to stick to decently cheap bourbon and beer.

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