HELP! 7.7 Non Responsive


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Feb 18, 2011
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I have had my tab 7.7 through Verizon for about a year and a few months. Not Rooted, Not modified, nothing. All updates through VZ done. I basically use it when travelling or a few times gaming (not sure why I even bought it... other than watching movies on the plane and in hotel rooms when flying for work).

Anyhow... I have been using it recently to play poker (WSOP) at home at night. I usually keep it plugged in and I have never seen it get low on battery (maybe that was a mistake).

Tonight... with 0 problems ever... I go to start playing my game (WSOP). It is NON RESPONSIVE. No matter what I do... it appears to be dead.

It was plugged in when I reached for it. I have unplugged and replugged it in numerous times. I have held down the power button, let it go, etc numerous times and for numerous lengths. I pulled out the SIM card, the SD card, put them back in. I have done everything I can think of... it appears to be DEAD.

SO... a few questions with this. First and foremost... WTF??? Is there any way to force the back cover off and pull the battery (main reason why I don't by phones without a removable battery). Any way to recover? I don't care about the cache.. or saving any data.. just want it to work.

If any answer to above is "your screwed).. my next question would be... any way to get out of the contract? I bought this pretty close to when it first came out... I paid close to $600... on 2 year contract. I think I have until next March or April. They are now selling for something like $250. I got screwed... I know. But I don't want to pay MORE than the price they are asking now to end my contract on it. Since I now have the S4.. I could just share data IF it was even workin.

Somebody please help. THis tablet has never been abused... and has been used lightly (mainly for games and movies.. never dropped.. and just seems way to strange to just stop working out of the blue).

Thanks in advance!!!:-$

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Try leaving it plugged in for a good 24 hours without touching it. Then see if it comes back to life.

If that doesn't work, I suppose one possibility would be a power surge that fried something in the tablet. Do you notice any singe marks on the charging cable or plug? If so, see if a different charger works.

Do you have insurance? If not, then call Verizon and ask them what your options are. 2nd option is to call Samsung.


Oct 10, 2012
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I had mine become nonresponsive one time where it would not power up holding the power button about five seconds. I found out from Samsung to hold that power button for 20 seconds, so I did and my 7.7 came alive. Not sure what caused my tablet to hang up and I felt a little sheepish because the information about holding the power button for 20 seconds is in the users manual. Try it. It might work.

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