HELP! Call vibrate turning off after receiving call


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Feb 21, 2011
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I have a Droid X (not rooted) with the latest update (2.2.1). I usually have my ringer set to low volume and the "vibrate" set to "Always". Over the past couple weeks I noticed that the vibrate setting was changing to "Only in Silent mode" on it's own. I recently discovered that it is doing this after the first phone call I receive upon changing it back to "Always".

I do also use the app "WhoIsIt", to manage ringer sound and have been for some time.

I've only noticed this over the last couple weeks.

Can anybody give me any help on this? I can't find anything online.

Update: I also noticed that when I put the phone in silent mode, it takes it out of it after receiving a call. It's like the phone has been set to a default of a low ringer volume and turning off the vibrate. Obviously, I am missing calls since I can't hear it or feel it vibrate.

Update 2: I removed "WhoIsIt" from my phone and I think it may have solved the problem. Bummer cuz i liked how you could manage the vibrate pattern. Anyone have any other suggestions?
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