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Help?! GS4 bugs


New member
May 4, 2014
So since my KitKat update to my Galaxy S4, I've noticed some bugs which are really annoying and are hoping if there are any known solutions for them?
Lagging clock widget on lock screen - When I wake up my phone sometimes the actual clock widget will be frozen on the last time I woke up the phone, but the time in the newly anaemic notification bar will be correct.
Wifi no longer automatically connects - Even now when I manually connect it, it sometimes just turns off again and takes a decent 5 times before the Wifi is successfully on and ready to use.
No lock screen - This is my most recent bug that has just started about a week ago. I'll click the lock button to lock my phone and the screen goes blank like usual. But then I'll click it again to wake up the phone to go on the lock screen or check the time, and my phone will be unlocked (no password necessary) on the page that I locked it on. And yes my phone requires a password to unlock it, and I have enabled the 'lock instantly when power key is pressed' option in the settings. My only short-term fix for this is to simply do a battery pull - but then just under a day later it returns.

Background info - My phone was sent off for repair for the LCD being faulty in January and returned as if new (except the entire front was black and the back was still white, I was livid). I updated to KitKat around a month or two ago and I'm currently on Vodafone UK.

Thanks for any help! :cool:

Sanjay Chandra

Well-known member
Jul 31, 2013
Lockscreen lag -
Once try to change the lockscreen settings from message to clock or clock to message.
Lock and unlock 2-3 times , change back to normal setting you generally use.
It solved the problem for me


Well-known member
Dec 27, 2012
There are threads that are FULL of questions and answers for the KitKat update issues. May want to search before creating a new one next time.