HELP! HTC One not recognized when in fastboot mode

Jude Okun

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Mar 25, 2014
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i'm trying to install a stock Europe ROM from a because the RUU.exe wont run on my laptop for some reason (Windows 8.1 64bit)
i am S-off and have changed my CID to Super-CID and MID to the required one.
I have the latest HTC drivers installed and have uninstalled HTC Sync. my HBOOT version was 1.57 before, but i used firewater to obtain s-off and it brought my HOBOOT back to 1.44 (i don't know how) *i couldn't get s-off with 1.57*
i'm trying to follow this guide to install the Guide to Return HTC One Back to 100% Stock Guide
but i can only get as far as adb reboot-bootloader
after it boots to bootloader mode the USB device becomes unrecognized and i cant fastboot any commands (waiting for device) shows up.
i restart my phone and i can mount to my laptop just fine and everything but when i get into fastboot mode it becomes unrecognized (Code 43), i've been up all night trying to find a solution but nothing. im lost for ideas.
ive tried different ports and restarted my laptop several times

any ideas. only reason i wanted the European ROM was to get rid of the o2 UK bootanimation and now its become a much bigger problem
i cant even run the ruu.exe file now that im s-off so im pretty much stumped

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