Help! Recovering deleted videos...

cindy chan

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Aug 1, 2013
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While I was uploading a couple videos onto google drive from my phone, I deleted those videos from gallery. Then those videos failed to upload. (I know, I was being really stupid.) So I tried to figure out a way to recover those videos. I found something on youtube and downloaded an app for rooted phones called Diskdigger. (My phone is running Cyanogenmod by the way, but I figured I can ask you guys.) So the app found a list of areas of the phone where you can scan for mp4 (system, cache, data, firmware, persist(?)). All the app came up with were a bunch of random android videos that the phone came with (or Cyanogenmod? I don't know.) When I went back to google drive on my phone to try to search for those video clips by typing in mp4, I can clearly see the files I want in the suggested list, but when I click on them, it says "Oops, document no longer available." What should I do? And please keep the answer simple. Thanks a lot.

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