Help: Something Bad Happened During Data Transfer


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Apr 19, 2014
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I had a lot of data on my Note 2, and I struggled to get it migrated to my new Note 4 earlier this November.

Kies 3 doesn't do phone-to-phone. I needed more than Smart Switch. I heard negative things about Helium. Sooooo . . .

I used My Backup Pro. NOT Rooted. Never was. I didn't transfer apps&data. Only photos and music. A lot. But I don't understand THIS!

After I brought over my photos and music, my Note 4 didn't look the same anymore. Somehow, it snagged some display settings from my Note 2. One setting is annoying; the other is important - and wrong.

This is my Note 4 Lock Screen. This is not even the real Device Name anymore! But it won't go away. And I can't change *anything* about the lockscreen. Font size, Device Name, weather - none of it.


I keep changing Device Information, but it won't go away. I swipe to unlock. I tried NOT unlocking, but it came back.

I want it to look like a Note 4, not like my old phone. The next problem is a bit more serious. Now, I checked the memory with several apps and my laptop, and this is wrong. I have 32 GBs of official internal memory. But the display is always wrong - just on top.

This might have been here before the data transfer, but I doubt it. Have a look.


I absolutely do NOT want to reset for this. I have almost 200 apps! Not doing that again. Please tell me how this bizarre thing happened?

Again, I don't root.

Thank you so much for your help. There must be a simple solution to this. It's weird. Everything else seems just fine. This is just really frustrating.

All the best,

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