Help with my replacement phone?


Dec 13, 2009
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So I've had my droid for about a month and I've loved every second of it. Then while I was updating to the new 2.1 software, my phone shut down and never turned back on no matter what I did, and trust me I've tried everything. So I received a replacement phone and put the SD card back in, battery and case. So far all I've done is activate it on the network, add my g-mail and facebook account. I don't know how to get my apps or anything else back. Is there a way to get everything back to the way it was? I assumed everything was going to be on the SD card. Thanks.


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Jan 5, 2010
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Any apps purchased (paid for) are attached to your user name in the market - which is tied to your primary gmail account. Just open the Market app and press menu and select "downloads". They'll be there waiting for you to download them to your new phone.

The free ones you had are gone - sorry. Unless you backed them up. Which moves us on to the next point...

There are several free backup apps available. The one I prefer is Astro. It's free and creates a backup file on your SD card of settings and other files. What I don't like is that if you restore the app using Astro - it isn't downloaded from Market and you won't get any updates to the app pushed to your phone.

There's also an app called appbrain which I think would be really beneficial for you. This is basically "market" on your PC. It syncs your market apps with your PC and vice versa. If you ever replace the device use Astro in tandem with Appbrain and you can completely revover everyhting rather quickly and for free.

Unfortunately, this info comes too late for you to recover apps from the old phone. That sucks. They're all available again - but, now you gotta remember what they were and then go thru the hassle of finding them and downloading them and setting all of your preferences just the way you like them.

Also check out Titanium, another free backup app. I like redundancy.


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Mar 23, 2010
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I have a replacement Droid as well. For me, once I input my gmail account, all of my apps were "restored" even the free ones. This was before 2.1 however, so, perhaps that changes things. HTH

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