Help With Rooting Using Revolutionary


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Aug 20, 2011
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ok, didnt want to be this person but it looks like it has to happen! Been reading on rooting my Evo 4g for months now, when I first started it was right after the 2.3.3 update so I wasnt able to so Ive just been doing my home work sense. Ive got all the right things downloaded/installed but when I anm at the part were I'm running Revolutionary it just says "Waiting for device" I know this is lame but, is it normal for it to take a long time to wait for device? Of all things to be hung up I know but Im not finding the anwser im looking for. Any help is mucho appreciated! Thanks


Jul 17, 2011
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You either don't have USB debugging enabled with the phone set to CHARGE ONLY, or you chose the Revolutionary program for a Linux device instead of a Windows device. (If your computer is Windows, that is) That is the only 2 ways I've seen the "Waiting for Device" message. You also have to extract the HTC drivers before installing them. The instructions on the website don't (or didn't) specify that little step when I did a bunch of phones using it.
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