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Dec 27, 2012
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Hello, AndroidCentral!

This is your obligatory introduction post. I recently switched to the Samsung Galaxy S3 from my old iPhone 4S (and love it), and then just on Christmas was surprised with a Nexus 7 tablet. I figured it was time to have a place for when I needed advice and help with my new devices. As a previous smartphone user, I had a pretty smooth transition to the phone, but I've never had a tablet before, and there are a few gaps in my knowledge, such as best cloud storage options, compatibilities between different readers/video services, so an and so forth. Long story short, I'm going to use you all for your disparate expertise and beg off helping myself by pleading ignorance. I'm sure you're used to it by now.

Quick overview on the kind of user I am: I'm not planning on rooting my devices; despite their fabled construction, my last two iPhones had some hardware issues, and as such I value my warranty. Most of my media consumption is text-based -- I use Flipboard a lot, my first purchases on my nexus were subscriptions to Wired, Reason, and The Atlantic magazines (why can't you play ball, Economist? Not even an app on Nexus 7), and I do a lot of web browsing. Video-wise, I mostly use Ted Talks and Netflix. Music is Pandora and my existing mp3s ripped from my physical media, as well as TuneIn (but TuneIn is mostly used for NPR, Deutsche Welle, and Al Jazeera, not music). Regarding games, it's pretty much Nethack from GURR and DrawSomething, although I picked up Vendetta Online to check out performance; performance is great, but it's a huge battery drain and I just don't think I need that kind of game on my tablet.

Personally, I'm kind of a self-righteous ass and take even small things seriously, albeit with a veneer of dry humor. I'm a fairly serious gamer on a cultural delay that's forsaken the PC for Xbox because I can't justify upgrading my dated computer often when I have the console (and I'm a little afraid my old games won't work without a headache if I switch to a newer version of Windows). I have strong non-partisan political views, but I don't start political discussions and I don't pay much mind to sports or entertainment news. I'm a tobacconist by vocation and an armchair philosopher by avocation. And, as I'm sure you can tell by now, I don't really "get" brevity.

So now you know more about me than I'm sure you ever wanted to. Thanks for reading.

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