Hi, I just got my first android a few hours ago.....


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Oct 26, 2009
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so obviously I'm full of n00bines so take it easy on me please :D
anyway, im a BlackBerry defector (specificly the storm) and ive been posting for the past several months on the crackberry forums. so i kinda know my way around a little bit. i ended up going with the MyTouch3G from tmobile and ive gotta say, so far im liking this phone. a lot. its a night and day difference. i dont want to get into the "storm sucks" battles or anything. personally i ended up with one of the ones that actually worked. i was a semi-early adopter (got it in late february). managed to keep it in really good condition and installed all of the leaked OSs on it. but it was time to move on, so i figured "why not give android a try?" fast-forward to right now and thats why im here. anyway im sure im gonna have tons of questions about this thing, and im also looking forward to learning a few things about it that i can share. but baby steps on the last part.
my first question.....
how do i keep the screen from locking on me every few seconds. i know how to change the backlight timeout, but it still locks the screen every 15 seconds or so after i set it down. i know, i probably shouldnt be setting it down quite so soon.


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Oct 21, 2009
You should be able to go into setting to adjust the backlight timeout. Menu > settings > Sound & Display

Welcome from another BB defector, let the Tour for the Hero