Home button changed to a different screen - how to change it back?

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If this has been answered elsewhere feel free to direct me. I'm not exactly sure how to phrase my question.

I have an LG K20 Plus running Android 7. On startup there are 4 screens that I can swipe between. The home screen button at the bottom was set to the one I want as my primary with apps I use the most. I don't know how, but the button now directs to a different screen, and I want to change it back.

I know I can revert to factory settings but I've got everything arranged just so and would like it back the way it was!

Any ideas? Thanks.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Long-press any empty part of the homescreen to get your homescreen options and overview. Swipe to the homescreen you want, and see if there's an option to set that as your primary homescreen. This isn't always possible on all phones or launchers, and if you were able to do it before, then bear in mind that major system updates can also change (or even take away) certain settings.