How can I fix a broken S5 screen?


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Broken S5 screen

So I managed to shut my Galaxy S5 in the work truck door today, and it broke my phone pretty bad. The screen is very broken, and when I power it up only the top 1/8 of an inch of the screen turns on so i can see battery life and $g etc. Does this mean I would need a new digitizer as well as the glass? Or is the phone probably scrap? Also I was looking at refurbished S5s and on ebay they have seller refurbished, are these worth the 250$ or am I likely to get something thats only going to work for 2 weeks?

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Jan 10, 2012
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Re: Broken S5 screen

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There is really no way that any of us can answer this question. You can send you phone to Samsung for free and they can give you a price and tell you what you will need. For the S5 I would send it to Samsung as it is water resistant and depends on the screen being sealed correctly. Others here have used someone else to repair it and the screen wasn't sealed. One got in a hot tub and the steam got under the screen because it wasn't sealed correctly.

Also again, with a phone on eBay, you never know. Some have had good luck with phones there, some haven't. Also you never know if a used phone will be blacklisted later. You might do better to buy a used one on Swappa, but it will likely cost you a little more.

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