How can I make it display every notification every time?

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My previous Wear OS would display every notification, every time. By that I mean if I got a text the message would appear in full on the display for several seconds. Then if I got another text the same thing would happen. I could see every single notification at a glance. It seems with the Watch 5 Pro I need to actually go in and open up notifications?! I hope this isn't the case since, aside from telling the time, my primary use for a smartwatch is to see notifications at a glace. I'd hate to have to return this watch as I really like the overall style. But if it can't do that I guess I'm out of luck! :)


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Jan 18, 2017
Hello and welcome! I'm sorry you're having this issue. So that we can better help you, please clarify which device are you referring to. Also, in order to continue participating in this conversation, you may want to consider registering for an account here on Android Central. If you're interested in registering for an account, you'll find instructions here:
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