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I have a Samsung galaxy s3 which I have had a little over a year now. Around midnight last night/ 1 a.m (2/9/16) I kept constantly getting (about everything 3 damn seconds) messages such as "Unfortunately google play services has stopped" And "Unfortunately has stopped" I've tried to look up how to fix these issues but everything I have tried doesn't seem to be working AT ALL. I've gone in and cleared the google play services cache, force stopped it, same with google frameworks. The only things I have yet to try is just completely restart/reboot or let my phone go back to factory settings. I'm just very wary of trying that because I don't want to lose pictures or texts or things of that nature.
The only other thing I can think I could do is tak my phone to the att&t store, but generally they aren't very helpful...

I have also tried a cache partition, but that didn't help either. And now i'm getting a error code popping up that says "Unfortunately wssyncmlnps has stopped"

I don't know what is causing all of this but I just really need to get this all straightened out as soon as possible.
if anyone has any advice or helpful tips please share. Thank you


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