How do I access my Samsung Note 5 after a hard reset?


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How to access Samsung Note 5 afte hard reset

My phone did not recognize my fingerprint after several attempts. Obviously did not remember "backup password". My phone automatically performed a hard reset.

I can access my gmail account and password on "my computer". I have to enter gmail account and password to gain access to my phone. Just keeps replying back with:
"Please sign in using one of the account users for this device".

Verizon reps said that Google set it up so that after a phone resets after "multiple failed attempts", log in will be prevented until "three days after reset". This supposedly prevents hackers from accessing your phone. Find this hard to believe that you cannot use your phone for 3 days as you are still paying on the account for use of this line.


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May 25, 2013
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Re: How to access Samsung Note 5 afte hard reset

I have had 2 incidences where all of a sudden my finger print wasn't recognized. I tried what i thought was my backup password but it didn't work. Eventually it let me sign in with my Google acct and it worked. I then changed my backup password and wrote it down. It was just odd as I have had my phone over 2 weeks but twice had trouble with fingerprint reading my print to unlock.