How do I get my space back???


Mar 5, 2011
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So, I was recording a longish video -- maybe ten minutes -- with my photon's video camera. When I'd reached the end, I went to stop the video, and it wouldn't stop, wouldn't go "home," wouldn't do ANYTHING, nor was the "recording time" moving forward. I couldn't deal with it at that moment, so I put the phone in my pocket and went about my business. Maybe a half-hour later, I had time to check on it, took my phone out of my pocket, and it was back to "waiting to take a picture" camera mode. There was a "Low Space" notification in the bar at the top of the screen. Okay, that's expected, that's that long video. Let me go retrieve that.

Well, I hook the phone to my PC, so I can move thew video off the phone, and there's no such file to be found. I unhook from the computer, and use my file manager. There's no such file to be found. I follow the "Running out of space" notification, and the phone tells me the used space is as follows:

Total Space: 8GB

Storage space is running out

Some system functions, such as syncing, may not work correctly. Try to free space by deleting or unpinning items, such as apps or media content.

Apps (app data & media content)

Pictures, Videos

Audio (music, ringtones, podcasts, etc.)



Now, I'm not a math major, but that doesn't seem to me like that adds up.

Moreover, when I first go into the "Storage Settings" menu, between "Downloads" and "Available," there's the following:


...which then disappears. Now, I'm willing to step out onto a limb here, and say that "Misc" contains my huge video file which I want to get off the phone, either by moving it or by deleting it...

But where the hell is it?